Monday, March 2, 2009


Improvement begins with the shared vision creation experience. The vision touches the heart and soul of every staff member. It touches and sparks a renewed and positive organization climate.

Much of my life has been spent studying and practicing the research of John Edwards, Jim Butler, James Nottingham, Peter Senge, Peter Block, John Kotter, James Kouzes, Barry Posner, Jim Collins, Art Costa, Victor Frankl and Michael Fullan. Each one speaks to the power of shared vision as the essential tool to guide change. Bow to the data created by these authors. Make your shared vision your FORCE! Caress it and hug it. Hang all action from it. Articulate it every day. If you make your shared vision the most important factor you pay attention to in your organization everyone else will as well. This journey is not easy. As I used to tell my staff, our answers are inside us. Lead your staff to find their own answers to build the organization you envision.

This will ensure permanent change and protect you from “the quick fix” mentality that continues to limit organizational learning around the globe. Take your shared vision proudly into the New Year and make it your personal action mantra.

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  1. Hello Bill
    How nice to "hear" and "see" you again!
    And how strengthening to read your wise words!
    Love from Kari